Sues Fulton
Fine Art Photography
Digital Artistry
What do I do?

I'm currently producing Fine Art works of birds of prey and landscapes, occasionally some family pets creep in there too. I am also seriously considering embarking on an MA in either Photography or Fine Art in the immediate future, no more procrastinating!

Much of my work can be purchased as Fine Art Prints or Photographic Prints or even as Greetings Cards, Cushions, and various other decorative items. Several bespoke birdhouses have recently been created, all of which have sold, but there are more on the horizon. My work can be ideal gifts for lovers of both wildlife or art in itself. Please let me know if you wish to purchase any of the imagery you see on my website, though I am setting up the option to order direct from here and it should be in place soon.

I find that I am also inspired to photograph landscapes, given that I live in such a beautiful area on the west coast of Scotland that may come as no surprise! I also find myself in Wales from time to time, with all the wonderful scenery on offer there too. You can find some varied landscapes available as prints to purchase here on my site, these would definitely create a lovely atmosphere in the home when framed, hung and displayed.

Pet Portrait Commissions are undertaken on request, some even for those who may have lost a pet, (which can be done working from your own photographs) with the hope that this helps one heal from what we know can be such a great loss. If you have a favourite photo that you think may be suitable, please contact me for more details.

My love of animals goes beyond creating art work or photographing them, I spent many years volunteering at an Equine Rescue & Therapy Centre whilst living in Texas (www.ThrowawayPonies.org). This saw me being involved in all aspects of work there, from rescuing and fundraising, to equine first aid or socialization, to feeding and grooming, or supervising some of the children that came for equine therapy sessions.
I also found myself supplying portraits of adoptable pets at other pet rescues to enhance their chances of finding their forever homes.

As for photography itself, like many, I've had a passion for the magic of it from childhood.
I would later embark on, and gain, a BTEC ND in Professional Photography studying as a mature student. I also love art, and creating mixed media works and definitely regret never attending art college in my teens..

Achieving a Triple Distinction profile and winning both Art & Design Student of the Year, and College Student of the Year, upon completion of my BTEC Photography course, was a particular highlight for me.
I am now considering embarking on either a MA in Photography, or perhaps an MA in Fine Art with the hopes of broadening my knowledge and skills in those areas. Meanwhile I have studied several free courses with the Open University (Migration as part of The Biology of Survival, Dutch Painting of the Golden Age and Exercise for Mental Health).

I have been lucky enough to have a selection of my images printed in several international magazines and local newspapers and I have enjoyed having a variety of gallery prints exhibited both here in the UK and in the USA.

As previously mentioned, my artworks and photographic images are available to purchase, some prices can be obtained on my Facebook Business page (Sue Fulton - Photography and Fine Art), but feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

I hope that you may stop by again soon to see whats new, and thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website.